What Does a Sex Therapist Do

Sex is great, but you and your partner sometimes encounter some problems in bed. You could be having difficulty reaching orgasm or your partner might have problem getting and sustaining an erection. Your sexual activity might even be affecting your work or social and personal relationships.

Some sex problems eventually go away or can be treated by your doctor. Another option to solve your problem is sex therapy. Basically, sex therapists are healthcare professionals or trained counsellors who know a lot about the emotional and physical issues about sex. Just what is the role of a sex therapist?

A sex therapist can be a marriage and family therapist

There are many areas, like events in your life that may affect your sexual functioning, such as surgery, infertility, menopause, job loss, death in the family, a child who has left the home, or a marriage wherein one or both partners have lost sexual passion for each other, to name just a few. A sex therapist can be a marriage and family counsellor, helping his or her clients deal with sexual problems that are related to domestic problems.

A sex therapist can be an educator

A certified sex therapist works with his or her clients in a confidential and private setting in clarifying their sexual issues. Sex therapists often provide education about serious sexual issues, such as anatomy, healthy sexual behavior, and physical response.

They often refer their clients to sexuality resources such as the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) and other informational websites.

A sex therapist can be part of a support group

Sex therapists also sometimes function as part of a support group. For example, a sex therapist may help in guiding a client to explore, evaluate, accept and embrace his or her sexual identity or sexual orientation and learn where to get additional support.

Sex therapists may also help their clients deal with their unusual sexual behaviors or desires or issues that are related to sexual expression.

A sex therapist may coordinate with a medical doctor

Many sexual problems involve a medication or medical condition. In many cases, sex therapists may coordinate and collaborate with physicians in addressing the entirety of the causes of sexual problems so that the clients get the best possible result. Sex therapists tend to have above-average knowledge on the physiological processes related to human sexuality.

What a sex therapist does not do?

Sex therapists do not engage in any kind of sexual or inappropriate physical contact with their clients, nor initiate sexual activities as part of session. They also do not disclose to others what their clients confide to them.

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