Stories to Strengthen Relationships and Exercise Your Brain

Storytelling is good way to give your brain some exercise. In fact, storytelling is used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

More than giving your brain a workout, storytelling can also strengthen relationships. It makes people in your life look forward to speaking with you, even if only over the phone.

Here’s how you can give your brain a good workout, improve relationships, and get your brain to be healthy:

Get excited

To tell a good story, you will need energy and enthusiasm. The more enthusiastic you are, the better you’ll be able to tell your story, the more you will engage your friend or relative. Be passionate about it.


You’ll be surprised to know that there’s a huge difference if you smile when telling your story, even if you are only talking over the phone. If you smile when you talk, your voice comes out different – your intonations change. You also choose different words. Have fun when telling your story.


Every morning, choose your story for the day. That way you’ll be prepared when you have a visitor. Be excited when you’re about to tell your story. Maintain that level of excitement all throughout your narrative. Your audience will be so excited that he/she will look forward to his/her next visit.

Make it short

Stories can go on and on and on. Keep your stories short. A good story need not be overly long, otherwise, it will drag and your visitor will lose interest.

Have characters

People you interact with everyday can be characters in your story. Notice people’s quirks. Think about how they must be thinking.


Make sure to include plenty of details (describe your characters’ physical appearance, the color of their clothes, their temperament, etc.) and be more descriptive with your choice of words. Don’t just say the girl was pretty. Instead, say her face was that of an angel. Something like that.

Use emotions

Don’t just tell a thing like it is. Include the emotions you felt. What memories it brought back. Emotions always stir interest.

Don’t think your story is not interesting

Don’t think you have to do or experience something to get a good story. Remember, you can make anything interesting if you tell it correctly. It’s not what you’re telling but how you tell it.

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