Dangers of Teen Dating

Teens may appear innocent, devoid of malicious intent-this is not always the case. According to a survey conducted by Liz Claiborne and the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline, most teens have been in an exclusive relationship and half of them admit that they are sexually active.

This is an alarming fact, especially for parents who are parenting teens. At this point, most parents would probably tighten the rein on their teens’ social activities. Beware, though, because this might cause your teen to rebel and defy you as a parent.

The matter at hand may seem a little problematic. Don’t worry, there are guides that you can follow to assist your teen even as you allow him or her to date. These are:

Talk to your teen

Make your teen understand the values you want him or her to adapt. Communicating openly with your teen is a good strategy because it allows you to air out your side while giving him or her the chance to state his or her views as well.

Keep in touch

Keep in touch with other parents. Know what the parents of the other teens are experiencing with their sons and daughters. Share your experiences with them as well. The exchange of ideas will allow the parents to cope better with their teens and the issue on teen dating.

Set boundaries

While it is wrong to be trap your teen too much, setting limits will also do him or her some good because doing so will lessen his or her likability to act in such a way that he or she knows is not allowed.

Supervise your child

Do not assume that allowing your teen to go out on group dates is a guarantee that he or she will not do anything naughty. While you may trust your teen completely, not all teens act according to how they normally behave when they are faced with peer pressure.

Teen dating may be a tad complicated, but you’ll see the end of this. As long as you keep an open relationship with your son and/or daughter, you need not worry too much.

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