Signs shes extremely jealous

She calls you every two hours just to say, “I love you,” but it is actually a premise to check up on you.

She refuses to accept that you have female friends.

When you get home from your boys’ night out, you get an all-night interrogation

She doesn’t like you to go anywhere without her.

She gets angry every time you come within 50 feet of another attractive woman and demands: “What are you looking at?”

She blows up at you anytime you mention a female celebrity.

She constantly questions you about your female coworkers.

She’s even jealous of your family and asks questions like: “Why were you talking to your mother for so long?”

She tries to trap you with questions like, “Do you find her pretty?” and freaks out no matter what you answer.

You’re afraid. You’re very afraid.

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Whether it is a girlfriend or a boyfriend, trust me, if you are experiencing a relationship with someone who show’s any of these actions, get out! I personally experienced a relationship like this and also experienced two others who are extremely close to me go through a relationship like this. In every situation the one who showed extreme jealousy, were the ones who were unfaithful. So not only did they steal peace and freedom, they then lied, cheated and could care less what they were doing to the one they controlled. These type of people are ultimately selfish down to the core. They are not people you can have a real or equal relationship with. So again I will say, Stay Away from Crazy Jealous Women and Men!

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo

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