Signs That You Are In An Abusive Relationship

Love and a good relationship go hand in hand together. But there are times when people can have a wrong perception of both. Some may think that they are in a loving relationship when the truth is, they are a victim of abuse. Many women may fail to see whether they are in an abusive relationship simply because they fail not to take a serious look into it out of love and passion. What most women do is adapt or endure silently in the hopes that the relationship they have now lasts. But what it does to women in an abusive relationship is to prolong the agony. Women should be able to determine whether they are in an abusive relationship. Here are some of the signs.

Does he frequently embarrass you, both in public and in private?

One clear sign of being in an abusive relationship is lack of respect towards the partner. A worse possible sign of this is when the woman is increasingly enduring the embarrassment that a partner is putting her through. This act is usually a result of lack of respect towards the partner. It shows lack of concern with what the woman might feel. While increasingly being embarrassed in front of the crowd by what a partner may be doing, most women may still fail to recognize their situation as the victim in a potentially abusive relationship.

Is he showing increasing displays of dominance towards you?

We live in a patriarchal world where the man is always the leader, the rough and dominating character. Many men still seem to take this lesson to heart and try to assert their dominance at all times. But sometimes this can get quite overboard leading to what may be considered as an abusive relationship.

Do you feel isolated from your friends and family?

Another sign of being in an abusive relationship is when you are increasingly being isolated. Some men can become quite possessive to a fault that they begin to abuse their wives by controlling who they meet up with and when they can do it. The worst part is when the man chooses total isolation for his partner from loved ones and friends. Being to possessive and having a lack of confidence in oneself can lead to men to become too possessive to a point where women become an object rather than a human being. These telltale signs can help women identify if they may already be a part of an abusive relationship.
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