The Value of True Friendship

Friends come and go, but true friends last for a lifetime. You cannot put a numeric value on a friendship. You also cannot accurately provide a definitive meaning to it. Friendship can mean differently for different people. But there are certain qualities that seem to be common in most what people consider as true friendship.

Selfless Acts

For a lot of people, friendship can be equated to selflessness. Friends think more of what they can do for friends than what they can do for themselves. This is especially quite helpful when a friend is in a bind. A true friend would be ready to do anything for another despite certain risks or dangers. It may not come to a point as serious as a life threatening situation, but a true friend would go out of the way just to be able to help a friend in need of one.

Providing Support

True friendship for most people also means providing support for each other. Support can come in many ways. It can be offering a helping hand whenever one falls down. It can be as simple as just being there when a friend is going through very tough times. It can be giving encouragement that would help keep another friend’s hopes up. Whatever it may be, a true friend always is ready to offer any kind of support anytime.

Tells it Like it Is

Honesty is one of the qualities that most people give to true friendship. For a lot of people, a true friend is someone who does not lie or hide something from you. A true friend will tell you if you do not look too good wearing a certain outfit. A true friend will tell you that your bad habits are slowly getting out of hand and that you might need some help.

A true friend would not only tell you all the good things that you would want to hear. One can sometimes even have the heart to tell you something that might seem painful but would make you change for the better.

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